Prefix Usage
s! Prefix for Most Commands
s? Music Prefix
sm! Math
s~ Developer/Owner

Basic Commands

  • s!ping
  • Sends a message with the bot response time, meausred in milliseconds. (ms)
  • s!invite
  • Sends a link to invite the bot a server.
  • s!support
  • Sends a link to the support discord and a support email address.
  • s!help
  • Gives you a link to this page.
  • s!patreon
  • Returns info on how donating on patreon helps me.
  • s!roadmap
  • Gives you a link to the Offical SeedBot Trello Roadmap
  • s!guide
  • Gives you a link to the Offical SeedBot GitBook Page
  • s!stats [request]
  • Allows the user to get Statistics from the Bot
  • s!screenshare
  • Allows Screenshare in the Voice Channel you're in. If the icon is not showing for you, use this.
  • s!userinfo
  • Gives some information about yourself or the user you mentioned.
  • s!serverinfo
  • Gives some information about the server
  • s!info
  • Gives information about the Discord Bot

Moderation Commands

  • s!kick [mention user to kick, required] [reason, reuqired]
  • Requires permission to kick
  • s!ban [mention user to ban, required] [reason, required]
  • Requires permission to ban
  • s!purge [ammount of messages to delete] In Development
  • Requires permission to delete messages

Fun Commands

  • s!rps [rock, paper, or scissors]
  • Play rock paper scissors with SeedBot
  • s!punch
  • Punches someone you don't like
  • s!avatar [mention user]
  • Gets your discord avatar or the user you mentioned.
  • s!magic8ball
  • Predicts your future, now with mind reading!
  • s!asciify
  • Makes your text look like it just came from a BBS!
  • s!ppsize
  • See how big your pea is!
  • s!copypasta
  • Randomly picks a copypasta out of our library!

DMOJ Commands

  • s!problem
  • Loads problem info and a link to the problem
  • s!search
  • Searches for a problem
  • s!contest
  • Loads content data and a link to the contest
  • s!content-search
  • Searches for a contest that has a similar name
  • s!user
  • Loads information about the user and a link to the user
  • s!user-search
  • Searches for a user with a similar name and loads information about the user.

Math Command

  • Supported Equations
  • Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (*), Division (/ or รท), Power to (^), Square Root (sqrt), Round (round), Floor (floor), Ceiling (ceiling), Pi (pi), Log (log), Random (rand)

Developer/Debugging Commands

  • s~getip
  • Returns public IP address provided by ISP.
  • s~announce [message] Disabled
  • Puts message in every channel the bot can access.
  • s~channelsend [channelID] [message]
  • Posts message to the channelID specifiyed
  • s~stats [serverlist, usercount, channelcount]
  • Returns stastics for the specifiyed type.
  • s~eval [Node.JS command to execute]
  • Executes the node.js command specifiyed.
  • s~restart
  • Restarts discord bot.
  • s~rpc [content] the content can be, reset, refresh, or a message
  • Resets, Refreshes, or sets the Rich Presence message
  • s~shell [*nix shell command]
  • Executes shell command with whatever user the bot is running under
  • s~createinvitefromid [server/guild id]
  • Creates Invite from the server/guild ID specifiyed
  • s~getallserverinvite
  • Gets invite links from all servers/guilds SeedBot is in
  • s~api [request]
  • Forces an API Request
    Request: updateAll, update-userCount, update-guildCount, update-channelCount, update-botVersion, update-botBuild, update-botBuildDate, update-botBranch, update-botOwnerID, update-packageName, update-botLicense, update-packageDescription.
  • s~role_list
  • Lists roles along with their RoleID
  • s~role_create
  • Not currently working
  • s~role_give
  • Gives the mentioned user the roleid given s~role_give [@mentioned user] [roleid]
  • s~spam
  • Spams a message in the current channel s~spam [message count less than 100] [message to spam]
  • s~stats
  • Gives stastics about SeedBot
    s~stats usercount
    s~stats serverlist
    s~stats channelcount
  • s~mute [true/false] <@mentioned user>
  • Mutes the mentioned user with the correct boolean (true for muted, false for unmuted)
    s~mute true <@230485481773596672> Mutes the mentioned user
    s~mute false <@230485481773596672> Unmutes the user mentioned
    s~mute <@230485481773596672> false Invalid Command, Gives error
  • s~defan [true/false] <@mentioned user>
  • Defans the mentioned user with the correct boolean (true for deafened, false for undeafened)
    s~defan true <@230485481773596672> Defans the mentioned user
    s~defan false <@230485481773596672> Undefan the user mentioned
    s~defan <@230485481773596672> false Invalid Command, Gives error

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